CRIC Launches Clients’ Guide to Data Quality in Online Research

The Canadian Research Insights Council (CRIC) has published a guide designed to increase clients’ understanding of the online research process from sample selection to fieldwork and to help clients make decisions that improve data quality.

You can access the guide here.

MRS Data Quality Guidance

MRS in partnership with the Austrian research association VMÖ has developed some new guidance 'Improving Data Quality and Integrity: Some Practical Approaches' which has been issued for consultation with MRS Company Partners and MRS members. This new guidance identifies and classifies data quality approaches being used across the sector to combat data fraud including a review of some of the legal considerations for each of the approaches detailed.

MRS members can click here to access MRS Data Quality Guidance

SampleCon: Guidance on End Link Fraud in Survey Research

There are common, straightforward methods to eliminate ghost completes and script fraud. It requires an effort by the supply side of the industry to implement but it also requires an effort by the buyer side of the industry to require the implementation of these methods. Without a central authority requiring best practice usage, the onus is on all of us to require implementation of these effective methods.

Click here to access Guidance on End Link Fraud in Survey Research

ESOMAR: How to improve research participants’ experience and enhance data quality

The Framework summarises a number of questions that should be asked to understand the approach being taken by those responsible for designing research studies. Through discussion and review, the commissioner of the research will be able to distinguish those research partners who take participant engagement seriously and will be able to improve research quality as a consequence.

Click here to access How to improve research participants’ experience and enhance data quality

ESOMAR: Global Demographic Best Practice

This guidance aims to support multi country work through the provision of best practice guidance on how to ask demographic questions. The relevance to the GDQ project is that we advocate that if demographic information is already known, Researchers should seek to avoid asking this information over and over again, thereby avoiding participant friction and improving data quality.

Click here to access Global Demographic Best Practice

ESOMAR: 37 Questions to Help Buyers of Online Sample

This set of questions offers a framework for buyers to use when evaluating the offerings of different online sample providers. The questions identify the key issues to consider, introduce consistent terminology, explain why each question should be asked, and note the issues buyers should expect to be covered in an answer. The intended use of these questions is that they form a basis for a conversation between buyer and sample providers. The ESOMAR site has also recently added a page which provides provider answers to these questions to help buyers of sample determine how different organisations approach key areas.

Click here to access 37 Questions to Help Buyers of Online Sample

MRS Mobile Optimisation Research

Since 2018 MRS has been facilitating an annual research project to explore the impact of poor mobile design and lack of mobile optimisation has on participation, completion and response rates in research. Webinars discussing the various waves of the research are available as are the latest top line research results.

Click here for MRS Mobile Optimisation Research

MRS Report: Mobile Adoption & Optimisation Best Practice Guidance

This MRS guidance draws from five years of research with four research organisations – Dynata, Kantar, Cint (Lucid) and Toluna - to identify trends in participation and response rates. The MRS best practice guidance aims to help practitioners to produce better mobile design, increase optimisation and improve completion and response rates. This guidance is supported by the US Insights Association and The Research Society of Australia.

Click here to access Mobile Adoption & Optimisation Best Practice Guidance


Webinar introducing GDQ to EMEA + Q&A

This webinar took place on 30 August 2023. In front of several hundred attendees, the seven organisations leading the GDQ initiative unveiled their plans and discussed actionable strategies. The webinar was followed by a Q&A session.

AMERICAS VERSION (same webinar, different Q&A)

APAC VERSION (same webinar, different Q&A)

Quality in market research: How can field quality be assured and optimized

From May 8-16, 2023 the "Week of Market Research" took place for the fifth time in Germany. On May 9, this event included a panel discussion. Representing the GDQ initiative, Judith Passingham from ESOMAR’s Professional Standards Committee participated in this session.

Presentation from ASC conference 2023

Download a presentation entitled 'Joining Forces to Fight Fraud and Boost Data Quality' made by Debrah Harding, MRS and Melanie Courtwright, Insights Association at the ASC conference 2023.

Click here to download the presentation


The Crucial role of data quality in market research

Data quality has risen up the market research industry agenda in recent years. Melanie Courtright outlines the importance of data quality to insight.

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Meeting the data quality challenge

Since the launch of the Global Data Quality initiative in April 2023, MRS has been leading a programme of activities addressing the impact of fraud and technology on data quality and integrity. One year on, Research Live speaks to Debrah Harding to review some of the work to emerge, including new guidance on data quality.

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How researchers can fight fraud in online surveys

Oscar Carlsson at Cint explores three ways that market research firms can combat survey fraud.

Click here to read the article 'Discussing data quality'.

Discussing data quality

Debrah Harding explains how data collection, use, and applications are evolving across a series of dimensions and how the importance of data is growing.

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Article on GDQ on Data and Insight Network (in Dutch)

Click here to read the article 'Global Data Quality-initiatief'